2,889 summer-run Chinook samples genotyped

Studying summer Chinook in the Puntledge River Watershed

Tissue sampling for this study began in 2013. In total, 2,889 samples were successfully genotyped. There was no significant effect (p > 0.05) of parental return time on progeny return time. The retention of eggs from Bacterial Kidney Disease (BKD) positive females for rearing will be an important factor contributing to the maintenance of genetic diversity in the hatchery population. Additional DNA sampling on 2019 returns may provide a more complete analysis for assessing heritability of run-timing, and improve understanding of the effects of parental Chinook return migration time and BKD status on their progeny. Aligns with the Puntledge River Watershed Action Plan as a Level 1 priority — “Research & Information Acquisition” action.

More: COA-F19-F-2697