Filling information gaps about marsh birds in the Columbia Wetlands

Project Year: 2019-2020

Multi-year Project

Virginia Rail Photo: Rachel-Darvill

Project Lead

Goldeneye Ecological Services


Columbia Region

North Columbia

Project Type

Research & Information Acquisition

FWCP Contribution


Action Plan Alignment

Riparian and Wetlands Action Plan

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Columbia Wetlands marsh bird monitoring project

The third and final year of this multi-year project is continuing to collect baseline data for 37 FWCP bird species of interest, and will include repeated visual and aural marsh bird surveys at 65 survey stations in the Columbia Wetlands. This will be done in order to estimate marsh bird population numbers and identify significant habitat types used for breeding. This data is needed prior to making management recommendations and actions. The outreach component of this project will lead to habitat-based actions (e.g. installation of nesting boxes), and will build on relationships with landowners, who have the greatest ability to affect wetland waterfowl values on the landscape.