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Klinse-Za caribou herd size triples

April 22, 2022

Enhancing Caribou Survival in the Klinse-Za Herd The Klinse-Za caribou herd—near extirpation less than ten years ago—has tripled in number thanks to recovery efforts led by the West Moberly First Nations and Saulteau First Nations […]

2,000 students learn about Shuswap River salmon

February 18, 2022

Building awareness of salmon in the Shuswap River Watershed Salmon awareness programs, led by the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre, reached approximately 2,300 students, teachers, and adults. The programs aim to foster support for the long-term survival […]

Community Engagement Grants

February 4, 2022

Got an idea for a project to support fish and wildlife in our Columbia or Peace regions? Apply for a Community Engagement Grant of up to $1,000! It’s a short application and we’ll get back […]

10 wild sheep outfitted with GPS collars

January 14, 2022

Assessing health of Stone’s Sheep in our Peace Region Ten wild sheep have been outfitted with GPS collars as part of a multiyear project to examine the population demographics, behaviour, distribution, and habitat use of […]

325 bats sampled for probiotic bacteria

January 14, 2022

Assessing white-nose syndrome mitigation options in the Stave River Watershed Bat roosts at two Stave sites have been inoculated with a probiotic-laden clay powder to protect against WNS in this project by the Wildlife Conservation […]

Welcome to the Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program

January 6, 2022

Thank you for subscribing! You’ll start receiving our e-letter, annual reports and newsletters soon! You can expect updates and results from fish and wildlife projects underway now, early notice of our annual grant intake and […]

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