Supporting restoration projects for amphibians in our Peace Region

Project Year: 2020-2021

Multi-year Project

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Western Toad

Project Lead

Ecologic Consulting Ltd.


Peace Region

Project Type

Habitat-Based Actions

FWCP Contribution


Action Plan Alignment

Uplands Action Plan

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Habitat restoration and priority trials for amphibians

This project, led by Ecologic Consulting Ltd., will support recovery actions for the at-risk Western Toad, by filling knowledge gaps on restoration methods, effects of restoration, and monitoring of populations in strategic locations across the species’ range.

Update: Over 40 ponds surveyed for western toad habitat use

Forty-two road ponds (i.e., flooded road ditch habitat) along the Webberly Forest Service Road were surveyed for use by at-risk western toads. A total of 30 individuals were tracked at four study sites: Blue Lake, Carp Lake, Middle Creek, and Webberly Lake. An amphibian restoration framework and management guide was drafted. Attempts were made to establish Carp Lake as an ecological reference site, but beetle kill and dead trees made access too challenging and unsafe.

Final report: executive summary

This is the year one report of a multi-year FWCP Peace Region Amphibian Habitat Restoration project. A three-year baseline study is being used to trial restoration prescriptions for amphibian populations in select study sites. This project is focused on the restoration of amphibian metapopulations within a forest harvest disturbance area. The third year is scheduled to include the final year of baseline monitoring and the first year of restoration actions. Our upland restoration action involves the installation of an artificial hibernacula within a radio-tracked migration route. The artificial hibernacula will be constructed in the summer while animals are using different seasonal habitat. Aquatic and riparian restoration components will be installed in the fall of year three as animals move away from these warm-season habitats into overwintering habitat.


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