Info kits for grant applicants

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Info kit: next steps for approved applicants

If your fall 2020 grant application has been approved for 2020-2021 by our regional boards, read our info kit about next steps for approved applicants. See our funding FAQs for more about how we evaluate projects.

Info kit: guidelines for preparing final reports

Follow these guidelines when preparing your final FWCP project report.

Contact us anytime to discuss your grant application

If you have any questions about your grant application for a proposed project, our Action Plans or regional requirements and guidance, please contact a regional manager. If you aren’t sure who to talk to, contact our Business Coordinator, Lorraine Ens, at or 604-528-8136.

Coastal Region Manager               Columbia Region Manager            Peace Region Manager

Julie Fournier                                    Crystal Klym                                      Jen Walker-Larsen  

604-528-7998                                   250-365-4591                                   250-814-6645


Info kit: guidance for grant applicants

Our annual grant intake is now closed. The next grant intake cycle will open in August 2022.

If you’re applying for an FWCP grant in fall 2022, start by reading our information kit for grant applicants, with information about:

  • FWCP grants and deadlines.
  • Key steps to kick-start your thinking and align your grant application with our action plans.
  • Regional guidance, priorities, and mandatory requirements for all grant applicants.
  • Step-by-step instructions to start your online grant application.
  • What we’re looking for in a grant application.
  • How grant applications are evaluated.


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