Coastal Region Requirements for Grants

Marmots release July 2017 Mt. Washington. Credit: Marmot Recovery Foundation

Review our updated Coastal Region 2017 Action Plans

We have updated our Action Plans for the 14 watersheds that make up our Coastal Region. See our Coastal Region page. These new Action Plans identify our conservation priorities and actions eligible for an FWCP grant. We will fund projects that align with our new 2017 Action Plans, not our 2011 Action Plans. Read our Overview of Coastal Region Watershed Action Plans for more details on our Action Plans and Priority Actions.

2017 Coastal Region priorities

The Coastal Region Board is interested in funding all priority actions in each of the 14 watersheds that make up our Coastal Region, especially actions identified as a #1 priority.

Submit letters of support for Large Grants

Mandatory letters of support are required for all Large Grant applications (i.e., projects with a total cost of more than $20,000, including taxes). A letter of support from is required from:

  • A government agency;
  • A First Nation; and
  • A stakeholder/community group.

Letters of support for Seed or Small Grants are optional and may be used to strengthen your grant application.

Applying for a fish passage project? Read the framework document 

Grant applicants looking for FWCP funding to evaluate opportunities to restore fish production above BC Hydro facilities that previously blocked fish passage are required to work through the Fish Passage Decision Framework, approved by the policy committee in 2008 and revised in 2017. Proponents are encouraged to contact BC Hydro to get more support in working through the Framework.

Contact us if you are proposing a project near select reservoirs

If you are proposing a project that involves work on land immediately surrounding BC Hydro reservoirs in the Ash, Campbell, Jordan or Puntledge River watersheds, you MUST contact our Coastal Region Manager, Julie Fournier, at or 604-528-7998, prior to submitting your grant application.

Projects must be within our Coastal Region watersheds

We fund projects to be delivered within the boundaries of the 14 watersheds that make up our Coastal Region.

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