Predictive wetland riparian habitat model

Photo: Province of BC

Follow our guidance for riparian and wetland projects

Draft predictive riparian and wetland habitat mapping is now available to support grant applications for proposed projects to create, restore or enhance and riparian and wetland habitats.

A recent project funded by FWCP and led by Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, resulted in a draft predictive wetland riparian habitat model that identifies wetland and riparian habitats across the ~ 70,000 km2 FWCP Peace Region. The draft predictive model, associated spatial files, and final report are available online and support priority actions 1a-1 and 1b-1 of the FWCP Peace Riparian and Wetlands Action Plan.

If your grant application is about creating, restoring or enhancing riparian or wetland habitat, please review the draft model and mapping products to support scoping your proposed project and align your proposed project with one or more priority actions in our FWCP Peace Region Riparian and Wetlands Action Plan:

Priority Action 2a-2 – Install water control structures to regulate water levels in existing wetlands

Priority action 2b-1 – Leverage Water Licence Requirements trial wetland program to create habitat

  • Projects to create or enhance riparian and/or wetland habitat would be eligible under this Priority Action. The wetland creation project sponsored by BC Hydro Water Use Planning conducted in the Parsnip sub-region (Golder Associates 2010) includes recommendations to create new wetland and riparian habitat (e.g.  Sites 15 and 16: unnamed) and enhance existing wetland and riparian habitats (e.g. Site 6-2 Airport Lagoon) within the FWCP’s Peace Region.

Priority Action 2b-2 – Install artificial nesting or roost structures for wildlife species

  • Examples of previous FWCP-funded projects to enhance wetlands that align with this priority action can be found in Ecofor 2015.

Priority Action 3a-1 – Help protect riparian and wetland ecosystems from invasive plants

  • This action could be a component of a larger enhancement project. Partnering with local invasive plant committees is encouraged to support prioritizing areas for restoration/enhancement.

Please contact the FWCP Peace Region Manager for more information related to this guidance or the Draft Predictive Riparian and Wetland Habitat Mapping products available.

Please note that we are planning on updating our Action Plans in 2020, so riparian and wetland priorities will be further refined at that time.

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