Updating our Columbia Region Action Plans

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Columbia Region will update its Action Plans

FWCP’s strategic plans (i.e. Action Plans) describe the strategies and Priority Actions needed to accomplish FWCP objectives at the basin or watershed-level. The Action Plans guide FWCP investments, and are referenced annually by the regional Boards to track progress toward implementation, set annual priorities and guide decision-making in setting out and approving the Annual Operating Plan for each region.

In 2018, the FWCP is initiating a process to update its Columbia Region Action Plans. Final, updated Action Plans are scheduled for completion in August 2019.

The updated Action Plans will build on the results of a desktop review of priority actions and projects (completed in September 2018), and a review of relevant provincial and regional strategies, planning documents, and other resources (ongoing in fall 2018). Input from First Nations, agencies, stewardship groups, and others will be central to the discussion about updating the plans and priority actions.

The updated Action Plans will be reviewed and approved by the Columbia Region Board. Final plans will include priority actions that support the FWCP’s strategic objectives, mission, and vision.

The FWCP is committed to seeking input from a broad range of perspectives to help inform the updated Action Plans. An engagement process is planned for spring 2019, where we will seek input from a broad range of interested groups and individuals.

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About FWCP’s Columbia Region Action Plans

In the Columbia Region, the Basin Plan sets forth the strategic direction for the FWCP in the Columbia Region. It includes the vision, principles, policy context, and strategic objectives that form the foundation of the FWCP, as well as a short description of the Columbia Basin landscape and an overview of the hydroelectric facilities and footprint impacts created by those facilities.

Action Plans identify priority actions for the restoration, conservation and enhancement of fish and wildlife and their habitats in the Columbia Region. Taken together, the Basin Plan and accompanying Action Plans present the FWCP priorities for investments in compensation activities within the Columbia Basin. These plans also guide regional Board funding decisions, as all funded projects must align with one or more Action Plan priorities.

Currently, there are six Action Plans in the Columbia Region:

Action Plans were originally finalized in June 2012, with the exception of UKEEP, which was finalized in August 2014. The Riparian and Wetlands Action Plan was revised in September 2014 based on input received from stakeholders, and replaced the earlier (June 2012) version.

Given the fundamental linkage between the Action Plans and the projects that are funded and delivered, it is important to understand how the funding works and studies are addressing Action Plan priorities. This, in turn, will support the FWCP in achieving its overarching vision, mission, and strategic objectives.


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