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Our Coastal Region Board approved $1.9 million for 41 fish and wildlife projects in 2016- 17 and they're underway now. These projects help conserve and enhance a diversity of species and ecosystems.

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41 Total 2016-17 Projects

23 Fish Projects

18 Wildlife Projects

$1.9M Invested in 2016-17 Projects

Our Funding At Work

In 2016-17, the FWCP Coastal Board has approved funding for 41 projects that will help conserve and enhance fish and wildlife impacted by BC Hydro dams. Read our Coastal Region 2016-17 Project Summary and view our 2016-17 Project Overview Map.

A diversity of species-at-risk, including marmots, owls, caribou, and their habitats, will benefit from the projects funded by FWCP. Projects will be delivered by First Nations, non-government agencies and others, across the Coastal Region.

Some projects–such as hands-on restoration work–may result in immediate benefits to fish or wildlife. Other projects–such as research and information-gathering–may help improve the scientific understanding of species or ecosystems, and contribute to long-term decision-making and planning management actions.

Help Upate our Action Plans

We’re talking with technical experts, First Nations, stakeholders and community members in our Coastal Region to update our Watershed Action Plans. The Action Plans identify our conservation priorities and potential projects, and guide our funding decisions.

Prepare for the workshops and join the discussion here.

Project Reports

We post and share final reports from all FWCP-funded projects on provincial databases, along with any project data. We also maintain a searchable list of all final reports by region. Contact us if you can’t find the report you want.

Download Report List

2017-18 Grants

Our 2017-18 intake of grants for fish and wildlife projects is closed now. Learn more about how we evaluate grants and how to prepare for your project. Read our Grant Application Information Kit.

Our Coastal Region

local Board made up of BC Hydro, the Province of B.C., Fisheries and Oceans Canada, First Nations and Public Stakeholders, guides the work of the FWCP and is responsible for approving all FWCP projects in the 14 watersheds that make up our Coastal Region. Map of our Coastal Region.

Most fish and wildlife projects in FWCP’s Coastal Region are funded through FWCP grants, but our Board may choose to direct projects and approve funding to address regional priorities.

In our Coastal Region, FWCP is a voluntary initiative funded by BC Hydro.

View FWCP Organization Chart

Coastal Region Watershed & Action Plans

We have identified conservation priorities for fish and wildlife in each of our three regions: Coastal, Columbia and Peace. The priority issues and recommended actions are reflected in a series of Basin, Action and Watershed Plans that vary by region.

These plans recommend specific projects and priorities, and are used to guide our grant decisions. We fund projects that align with these Action Plans, so be sure your proposed project is in alignment with local conservation priorities. Contact us if you have questions.

Starting in November 2016, we’ll be hosting discussions to help renew and update all of our Coastal Region Action plans. Join the discussion.

Clayton Falls River Watersheds and Action Plan

Clowhom River Watershed and Action Plan

Falls River Watershed and Action Plan

Jordan River Watershed and Action Plan

Wahleach River Watershed and Action Plan

Our Coastal Regional Manager

Julie Fournier joins the FWCP as Manager of our Coastal Region. She has been with BC Hydro since 2007 and has extensive knowledge of our Coastal Region where she has been implementing Water Use Plans (WUPs). Throughout her work she has advanced and strengthened relationships with First Nations, stakeholders and the public. Outside of work you will most likely find Julie hiking and camping with family and friends.


Our Local FWCP Board

Coastal Region Board Members (November 2016) are responsible for guiding the FWCP’s work. From left: Larry Casper, Vivian Birch-Jones, Kim Cox, Jack Minard and Scott Barrett. Missing from photo: Ken Farquharson, Adam Silverstein, Fran Genaille, and Brian Assu. Their work is supported by fish and wildlife technical committees.

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