Using pens to support caribou calf survival

Project Year: 2017-2018

T. Anderson

Project Lead


Peace Region

Peace Arm

Project Type

Species-Based Actions

FWCP Contribution

$81, 008

Action Plan Alignment

Species of Interest Action Plan

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Enhancing caribou survival within the Klinse-Za/Scott herds

The goals of this project is to increase the survival rate of cows and calves during the calving period in order to stop, and even reverse, the rapid decline of caribou that inhabit the Klinse-Za and Scott Caribou herd areas. Pregnant cow caribou are captured in early March and relocated to a pen that is located in natural calving range. The cows are fed and protected during the calving season until the calves have grown to a point where they are less susceptible to predation by wolves and bears (late July). The maternal pen project has been a success in its first three years of operation and this project will continue the maternal pen for a fourth year.

Spring 2017 Update

Nine caribou cows were captured in March 2017 and brought to a 6ha pen near Chetwynd. The cows will stay in the maternity pen until the calves are born. When the youngest calf is about six weeks, the cows and calves will be released. This pen is one of several maternity pens that FWCP is funding to help improve calf survival.