Studying Arctic Grayling and Bull Trout interactions in Williston Reservoir

Project Year: 2018-2019

Arctic Grayling Photo Credit: Steve Rooke

Project Lead

University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)


Peace Region

Parsnip Arm

Project Type

Research & Information Acquisition

FWCP Contribution


Action Plan Alignment

Streams Action Plan

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Spatial ecology of Arctic Grayling in the Parsnip core area

This project will investigate the spatial ecology of juvenile and adult Arctic Grayling and their interactions with Bull Trout in the Parsnip River and its tributaries. The objectives will be addressed using a combination of approaches including acoustic telemetry, capture-recapture, temperature data logging, stable isotope analysis and spatial modelling. The findings of the project will address a number of moderate and high immediacy data gaps related to: 1) the spatial ecology (migration, distribution, and habitat use) of Arctic Grayling that were identified for the Parsnip River core area; and 2) potential interactions with Bull Trout, which may be limiting the growth of Arctic Grayling populations throughout the Williston Reservoir watershed.