Improving Spawning Habitat in Deer Creek

Project Year: 2016-2017


Project Lead

Okanagan Nation Alliance


Columbia Region

West Kootenay

Project Type

Habitat-Based Actions

FWCP Contribution


Action Plan Alignment

Streams Action Plan

Project ID


Deer Creek Drawdown Zone Fish Habitat Enhancement: Year 2

Deer Creek is within the drawdown zone and has been identified as having a limiting availability of deep pools and spawning substrate for Kokanee (Oncorhynchus nerka), the goals of this project are to enhance and improve fish habitat in Deer Creek, especially in the drawdown zone as affected by water management on Arrow Lakes Reservoir. Improving these habitat structures will benefit Kokanee by increasing cover and channel stability, and connectivity with Lower Arrow Lake at varying reservoir levels.

With the addition of more fish habitat structures in the drawdown zone section of Deer Creek, the channel will have increased connectivity to the Lower Arrow Lake enabling Kokanee to access spawning areas upstream. Structures also provide cover and resting areas for both spawning and young, rearing Kokanee, and increase the complexity and diversity of flows in the creek, in addition to helping maintain a channel into the Lower Arrow Lake to withstand fluctuation in reservoir levels.