Peace Region Action Plan Update

Peace Region Action Plans

Our Action Plans guide FWCP investments in fish and wildlife projects, and are referenced annually by our regional Boards to track progress toward implementation, set annual priorities, and guide decision-making in setting out and approving the Annual Operating Plan for each region. Actions in our Action Plans are eligible for FWCP funding and align with our vision, mission, and geographic scope.

Our Peace Region Action Plans were finalized in 2014, and have been used since then to guide more than $7.1 million in project funding towards more than 114 projects. Read our Strategic Project Review for more about our progress.

Action Plan Update 2019-2020

We are initiating work now to update our 2014 ecosystem and species-based Action Plans by August 2020. Broad public and stakeholder engagement is being planned for April 2020 and will include in-person workshops in Hudsons Hope, Mackenzie and Prince George, as well as online information sessions. A parallel First Nations engagement process is occurring and early input is being sought from provincial and regional stakeholders. Subscribe and stay informed about updates to our Peace Region Action Plans, and how you can join the discussion.

Our FWCP Governance recommends Action Plans are updated every five years. Updates will:

  • ensure the FWCP’s priority actions build on past projects, results, and recommendations for future work;
  • help align our projects with relevant objectives of our program partners (i.e. Province of BC, First Nations, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, BC Hydro and Public Stakeholders)
  • acknowledge and address emerging issues, and address ecological priorities, as appropriate for the FWCP; and
  • confirm that FWCP-funded projects align with the FWCP vision and mission.

A review of past projects was completed in 2019 by Ecofish Research Ltd. The results of this strategic project review will be considered in 2019-2020 updates to our Action Plans. Ecofish Research Ltd. will provide technical support regarding updates to the Action Plans, with guidance and support from the Peace Region Board, First Nations Working Group, technical committees, and Regional Manager.

Current Action Plans

Our current Action Plans include five ecosystem-based, and one species of interest Action Plan, plus an over-arching Basin plan. Read our Peace Region Action Plans.


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