Wanted: Fish & Wildlife Grant Applications from North Columbia

Northern Leopard Frog, D. Adama


FWCP accepting grant applications for fish & wildlife projects

(NORTH COLUMBIA) The Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program (FWCP) has now opened its annual intake of fish and wildlife grant applications. Stewardship groups, First Nations, consultants, agencies or individuals are invited to apply for a grant to help conserve and enhance fish and wildlife impacted by BC Hydro dams.

The FWCP Columbia Region Board has identified three priorities for fall 2017 grant applications. These are for projects that involve “on-the-ground” stream, riparian and wetland restoration, enhancement and conservation activities as well as fish and wildlife projects to be delivered in the North Columbia, which includes the areas around Golden, Revelstoke and north to Valemount.

“This is the third year in a row that projects in the North Columbia have been identified as one of the three regional FWCP priorities,” said FWCP Columbia Region Manager, Crystal Klym. “As a result, we have seen an increase in applications received to deliver projects in the northern portion of our program area, and we would like to see that continue.”

Examples of FWCP projects currently being funded by the FWCP in the North Columbia include the testing of floating habitat for loons in Kinbasket Reservoir; increasing caribou calf survival rates through the Revelstoke Caribou Maternity Pen; supporting recovery of the Northern Leopard Frog near Golden; exploring the concept of conserving and restoring high-elevation Beaver habitat; and protecting Grizzly Bears by learning more about one of their key food sources –  huckleberries.

The Board approved funding for another 48 projects elsewhere in FWCP’s Columbia Region including the operations of the Hill Creek Kokanee spawning channel at Galena Bay, adding nutrients to Arrow Lakes Reservoir, and undertaking ecosystem restoration work to improve forage for ungulates; all of which are core components for the FWCP.

The FWCP is a partnership between BC Hydro, the Province of B.C., Fisheries and Oceans Canada, First Nations and Public Stakeholders, to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife impacted by BC Hydro dams. Read the grant information kit at fwcp.ca, or you can discuss your project idea with Crystal Klym at 250-365-4591. The deadline for the online application is October 27, 2017, 5 p.m. PDT.


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