How are Grant Applications Reviewed?

Knot of toadlets with tails Toadfest 2016. Credit: FWCP

How are grant applications reviewed?

All grant applications go through a three-stage review process that ends with a final decision by each Regional Board about proposed projects in each of our three regions.

Stage 1            Review by Regional Manager

Each FWCP Regional Manager reviews grant applications to ensure they are complete and in alignment with priority action in our Action Plans.

In our Peace Region, the First Nations Working Group (FNWG) reviews all Notices of Intent (NOI) received by the September 8, 2017, deadline. When this review is complete, the Regional Manager will advise all Peace Region grant applicants which First Nations they are expected to contact about the proposed project and any other applicable regional guidance.

Stage 2            Review by Technical Committees and First Nations Working Group

Fish and Wildlife Technical Committees in each region review each grant application for technical merit. In our Peace Region, the First Nations Working Group also evaluates grant applications for inclusion of traditional ecological knowledge, incorporation of First Nation cultural values, and involvement of First Nations in the proposed project, where appropriate.

Results from the Technical Committees and First Nations Working Group review are provided to each Board to assist in their review and final decision-making in Stage 3.

Stage 3            Review by Board Members

The three Regional Boards review each grant application for projects proposed in their region. The Boards consider the results of all Stage 2 evaluations and make final decisions on which grant applications will be approved. The Regional Boards evaluate the grant applications and are responsible for all project and funding decisions in each region.

Proposed projects are evaluated on several criteria, including but not limited to: alignment with Action Plans, technical merit, deliverables, outcomes, qualifications, and experience. See below: How are grant applications evaluated?



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