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Evaluation & Audit – 2018-2019


FWCP Evaluation & Audit – 2018-2019

We’ve just completed an independent, third-party evaluation and financial audit as required by our Governance Manual. Following a competitive public bidding process, Ference and Co. was selected to undertake this evaluation and audit that started in December 2018.  Outcomes of this evaluation and audit will be used to refine, support and strengthen our approach to conserving and enhancing fish and wildlife in watersheds impacted by BC Hydro dams. A summary of the results and next steps will be available in fall 2019.

The process for the FWCP Evaluation and Audit 2018 – 2019 was developed with input from FWCP partners including First Nations, Public Stakeholders, the Province of BC, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and BC Hydro.

FWCP funded this evaluation and audit. The Province of B.C. (Ministry of Forests Lands Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development) managed the contract process for the implementation of the evaluation and audit.

The purpose of evaluation was to advise on opportunities for improvement for the FWCP, by looking at:

• the vision, mission, and strategic objectives of the FWCP;
• the scope of FWCP approved projects;
• what has been done since the last evaluation (2008) and what effect these actions have had;
• the efficacy of the new delivery model (2012), with reference to the five partners’ roles and responsibilities;
• a comparison relative to other funding programs in western Canada and USA with similar jurisdictions and intent;
• the historical context of the FWCP (e.g. Columbia River Treaty – 1964); and
• the program context of the FWCP (e.g. how the FWCP relates to Water Use Plans and other B.C. Hydro programs addressing impacts to fish and wildlife, whether separating programs according to those that address “footprint” impacts and those that address “operational” impacts is optimal).

The purpose of the financial audit was to report out on:

• the effectiveness of existing financial processes and financial documentation of the FWCP;
• the adequacy of existing funding levels relative to other compensation programs of this nature;
• the adequacy of existing funding levels relative to impacts on fish and wildlife;
• financial contributions of the FWCP to date;
• partner contributions to the FWCP; and
• opportunities for improvement.

In 2008 a formal FWCP evaluation, including all three regions, was conducted, by Robertson Environmental Services Ltd. As a result of this review, the FWCP strengthened its governance and strategic planning, and improved coordination between each region to maximize resources and better align the FWCP’s work across its regions.

In 2015, a survey of perceptions and opportunities for improvement was conducted on behalf of FWCP by Insights West. Final consultant summary report.

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