Columbia Region Priorities and/or Requirements for Grants

Duncan Lardeau Rivers. Credit: R. Clark

2017 Columbia Region priorities

Our Columbia Region Board has identified three priorities for fall 2017 grant applications. The Board is encouraging grant applications for projects that result in “on-the-ground” or “in-stream” restoration and enhancement, especially in the North Columbia.

Grant applications that address one or more of the Columbia Region priorities in alignment with our Action Plans outlined below will receive additional points during the evaluation process.

Priority: Project involves implementation of stream habitat restoration and enhancement activities

Refer to the Columbia Region’s Streams Action Plan. Restoration and enhancement projects with adequate technical background are preferred over inventory, research, and planning. Applicants are encouraged to make use of any existing stream restoration plans (e.g., Forest/Fisheries Renewal BC; see the provincial EcoCat Ecological Reports Catalogue).

Priority: Project involves implementation of riparian and wetland restoration and conservation activities

Refer to the Columbia Region’s Riparian and Wetlands Action Plan.

Priority: Project will be delivered in North Columbia

Project to be delivered in the northern portion of the Columbia Region (i.e., North Columbia), which is bordered by Revelstoke and Golden in the south, and Valemount in the north.

Review our five-year fish plan for eligible fisheries projects in the Columbia Region

If you are applying for a grant for a fisheries project in the Columbia Region, please review the Core Fisheries Program Five-Year Plan 2014-2018 to ensure your proposal does not duplicate actions already planned. Applications for projects that duplicate our core fisheries projects will not be considered for funding.

Letters of support are optional

Letters of support from a government agency, First Nation, or stakeholder/community group are optional for Columbia Region grant applicants. They can be used to strengthen your grant application.

Projects must be within our Columbia Region

We fund projects to be delivered within the boundaries of our Columbia Region, which includes the Canadian portion of the Columbia River Basin, plus our wildlife extension area (northwest of Valemount). The Canadian portion of the Flathead River Basin is not part of our Columbia Region.

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