Coastal Action Plan: Jordan River Watershed

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Draft Jordan River Watershed Action Plan

Comment by June 30, 2017

A draft Watershed Action Plan for the Jordan River Watershed is now available for public review and comment. Comment by June 30, 2017. Please send comments to Julie Fournier, Coastal Region Manager, at

What’s Next?

When the public comment period closes, we will review the input, finalize the documents, and post them here in August 2017.  These updated Watershed Action Plans will replace our current 2011 Action Plans, and will be the basis for our annual grant intake, which opens in summer 2017.

If you are applying for a grant this year, please refer to our final 2017 Watershed Action Plans.

About our Draft Watershed Action Plans

We want our Watershed Action Plans to reflect local conservation priorities and potential projects. Our draft Watershed Action Plans include many good ideas we heard during our discussions and watershed workshop.

We fund projects that align with our mission, which is to conserve and enhance fish and wildlife impacted by construction of BC Hydro dams in watersheds where BC Hydro operates. This means that some conservation and enhancement ideas we heard, were beyond our scope, and may not be included in our draft Watershed Action Plans.

Please see for more information on project eligibility. Learn more about our mission, vision and strategic objectives at

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